Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mini Pizzas

So we were watching football, and I was hungry, but didn't feel like cooking. I checked the freezer, and those blasted kids ate all the chicken nuggets. During my search I found some salami in the freezer, so I decided I would make something with that. Here's what I came up with:

Ready? Let's begin:
You will need some type of bread product-I have found that bagels, English muffins, or sourdough bread work best. Whole wheat seems to fall apart.
Some type of cheese-depending on my mood, and what's in the fridge. I used Sargento's Italian low fat 4 cheese blend. Why? Because it was on sale, duh. Did I mention how many people I feed?
Some type of sauce-this time I used marinara, but feel free to use pesto, alfredo, or BBQ.
Some stuff you like to eat on top!
For my pizzas I used Bagels, marinara, the Sargento cheese, salami, Kalamata olives, and sun dried tomatoes.
Take your bread and toast it, once that's done put it on your baking pan (I lined mine with foil because I'm really lazy). Spread your sauce on the bread, then top with cheese. Now I put the smaller toppings on like my chopped olives and sun dried tomatoes, then I put the salami on top. That way my delicate toppings don't dry out and burn, plus when you're eating them the toppings don't fall off. Stick them in a 350 oven for 10 minutes and you are ready to eat!

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