Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Italian feast

So I was wandering through the Asian market one day getting supplies to make Won Tons, egg rolls, and lumpia. I saw with the Won Ton wrappers they had a spinach wrapper. My itty bitty brain started wondering what the heck I could do with these, I threw them in the basket anyway and took them home. I had a middle of the night epiphany and decided to make raviolis. Then my mother-in-law had some car issues. While we were waiting for resolution, we decided to go shopping. I ended up at Trader Joe's and I decided I needed to make a fresh pizza. I got 3 different flavors of pizza dough, some mozzarella, a meat trio packet containing salami, prosciutto, and culatello-but you can get anything you want. I also bought some mozzarella, and cottage cheese. Total cost for this meal was $30 and I fed 12 people. Yeah, I'm cheap! But before we begin, let me tell warn you this is not a work night meal.
So my package told me I had to plop the dough out & let it rest for 20 minutes. So while my lazy dough was relaxing I mixed up the filling for my raviolis. I mixed the cottage cheese with some drained & squeezed canned spinach (hey it's all I had!), and tossed in some Parmesan & chopped garlic. It was delicious, but you can add whatever you want. So slap a dollop of your filling mixture in the middle, fold it over and put a little egg wash on the edge. Clamp it down with a fork around the edge. I then passed this job off to my 10 year old niece. She did pretty good ya think?
Next I pulled out the dough to the size I wanted and spread my sauce. I make my own at the end of summer when I harvest my garden, but you can use a jar sauce, Alfredo or marinara. I dumped my mozzarella on that and then some Colby blend, I chopped up that meat trio and spread it over the cheese, on top of that I dumped some Parmesan cheese that I freshly shredded. I hate having my meat on the top so it singes. I didn't know what any of the kids that were over would eat in the way of veggies, so I left them off. But this pizza would have been awesome with some Kalamata olives on it. I then boiled my ravioli and made some weird white sauce, it was really supposed to be a browned butter sauce. I took half a stick of butter and browned it with some garlic and added a half cup of cream, and some pepper and whipped it until all blended. It was different, but really tasty.
I did impress quite a few teenagers, I have no idea if that's a good thing. We shall see!

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